LED Ring Light Selfie Lamp

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The  LED Ring Light Selfie Lamp is the perfect camera lighting equipment for photographers and videographers. This professional-quality LED ring light provides soft, nearly shadowless illumination. The Nebula ring light helps to eliminate skin imperfections & makes your subject's face appear to have a fresh clean look. It also comes equipped with a dimming feature that helps control your light source. The secret is in how the light is shaped. It is able to cast a soft dome of light on your subject complementing their makeup and making this light ideal for portrait and close-up work.

  • Diffusion

The unique ring light shape also renders a beautiful catch light in the eyes of the subject that make the eyes look like they sparkle.

  • Dimmable

The LED Ring Light Selfie Lamp is dimmable so that in situations where low light is required, the built-in 0-100% dimmer allows you to reduce the output.


  • Daylight Balanced and Powerful Camera Lighting Equipment

The LED Ring Light Selfie Lamp comes equipped with 64 Daylight LED bulbs that pack a lot of punch. The Nebula is 15% brighter than our Nova fluorescent models.

  • Virtually Heat-Free

While fluorescent lights generate very little heat, LED bulbs are nearly heat-free! So you can have the light right up to your talent and not need to worry about injury or discomfort.

  • Long Life

LED bulbs last longer than any fluorescent or incandescent bulb, LEDs can last approximately 100,000 hours. Never worry about a bulb going out before a shoot!

  • Easy to Transport

If you need to move your camera lighting equipment from shoot to shoot, the LED Ring Light Selfie Lamp is perfect for you! By eliminating the fragile nature of fluorescent bulbs, it can easily be transported from location to location without fear of your bulb breaking.


1).10 brightness modes.

2).3 colors, stepless dimming light, white light, warm light, soft light.

3).2M adjustable light stand suit for universal high, and very stable.

4). With the studio to fill the light photo, portrait self-timer fill light.

5). Photo studio ring led light USB plug fill light.

6). Suitable for many social, such as making up, Video Live, studio light, Photography, and making Tiktok and Youtube Video.


Item name: Video Live Selfie Ring Light

Charging: USB plug

Type: Ring light with stand/ring lamp for makeup

Adjustable tripod stand: 70-200 cm

Light size: 26cm /10 in Diameter

Light color: white light, warm light, soft light

Material: Aluminum+PC

Dimming range: 1%-100%

Color temperature: 3200K-5500K

Light Source: High quality LED SMD

Power: 10W

LED Bulbs: 64 pcs LEDs

Using: Product/ advertisement Photography, direct lamp fill beauty light, Makeup Video Live Studio


Wide range of application, Suitable for many social, such as making up, Video Live, studio light, Photography and making Tiktok and Youtube Video





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