Finger Pulse Oximeter Pulsioximetro

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What does a pulse oximeter do?

A pulse oximeter measures 2 different things- heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood. The heart rate part is pretty straight forward. It picks up on the lub-dub of your heart and in turn, shows the number on the screen. The oxygen saturation reading indicates the percentage of hemoglobin molecules in arterial blood which are saturated with oxygen. It works by shining a light through your finger and the sensors detect how much oxygen is in your blood based on the way the light passes through your finger. Since the oximeter detects the saturation peripherally on a finger, toe or earlobe, the result is recorded as the peripheral oxygen saturation, known as the SpO2.



1. Product adopts double color OLED display,can show the six different display mode 2. Low-power consumption, continuously work for more than six hours with one rechargeable lithium battery 3. Battery power indicator 4. The device will automatically power off in 8 seconds if there is no finger signal. 5. Small in volume, light in weight, and convenient to carry

Package Content:

- 1 x Fingertip Oximeter (Built-in lithium battery) - 1 x Lanyard - 1 x type-c cable - 1 x English user manual - 1 x Retailed Box